This is the list of positions we are currently looking for outside candidates to fill. In addition, we are conducting confidential searches. If you are interested in one or more of the positions, let us talk to you and see if this might be a good fit.

18091341 Interim Director ICU California Learn more
18091340 Interim Manager Hospice California Learn more
18091338 Interim Manager Tele Med/Surg California Learn more
18091337 Interim Manager Case Management California Learn more
18091335 Interim Director Regulatory Affairs California Learn more
18091331 Interim Director Surgical Services Southeast Learn more
18091330 Interim HR Capital Management Lead New England Learn more
18091324 Interim Nurse Manager ED Southeast Learn more
18091321 Interim ED Clinical Manager Southeast Learn more
18081315 Interim VP of Patient Care Services Mid Atlantic Learn more
18081307 Interim OR Manager California Learn more
18081306 Interim Manager for Outpatient Behavioral Health/Psych California Learn more
18081303 Interim OR Manager California Learn more
18081291 Interim Director L&D California Learn more
18071287 Director of Nursing – Permanent Role North Carolina Learn more
18071273 Director of Women’s Health Oklahoma Learn more