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Case Management in the ED

Effective Emergency Department Case Managers play an important part in determining the decisions that significantly impact the bottom line for hospitals and healthcare systems. Utilizing a dedicated ED [...]

RN License Reimbursement Program for California

NHS Solutions is experiencing a continuing demand for California RN Licensed Interim Nurse Leaders. NHSS Select provides reimbursement for obtaining a new NHSS Select RN License by Endorsement and its [...]

National Flu Vaccination Week

“Flu Season most often peaks between December and March, but activity can occur as late as May” says Dr. Dan Jernigan, Director of the Influenza Division at The Center for Disease Control. For most people, [...]

Top Managers Influence Workplace Happiness

Most people follow the logic that if we pay staff enough, they will be productive. A recent Gallup poll found that 13% of employees are engaged at work which leaves 87% who don’t enjoy it very much. [...]

National Physical Therapy Month #choosept

#CHOOSEPT  Fight the Opioid Epidemic October is National Physical Therapy Month. Each year the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) chooses a theme. Given the current spotlight on opioid addiction, [...]

Rethinking Leadership Strategies

Call to mind the best leader you can imagine. How does he or she think, act or speak? Close the gap between the leader you are today and the leader you wish to be by rethinking how you view your role. [...]

Soft Skills = Interview Success!

In today’s employment market, recruiters are often presented with 2 or more qualified, metric-driven resumes from which to choose their ideal fit.  In circumstances such as this hiring managers will turn [...]