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In a field where 65% of healthcare professionals are women, only 30% are in C-suite leadership roles and women make up only 13% of CEOs. The closer one gets to the top, the wider the gender gap. It is [...]


LEADERS IN SPIRITUAL/PRACTICAL CARE Historically, Pastoral Care meant administering last rites or offering spiritual comfort at the bedside of a dying or terminally ill patient, often being the last to be [...]

Healthcare & Cyber Security

Cyber security issues in 2018 were no different than in the past with the exception of frequency. Positive Technologies, a global digital security firm founded in 2002, says 2018 was actually more a sign [...]

Case Management in the ED

Effective Emergency Department Case Managers play an important part in determining the decisions that significantly impact the bottom line for hospitals and healthcare systems. Utilizing a dedicated ED [...]

RN License Reimbursement Program for California

NHS Solutions is experiencing a continuing demand for California RN Licensed Interim Nurse Leaders. NHSS Select provides reimbursement for obtaining a new NHSS Select RN License by Endorsement and its [...]

National Flu Vaccination Week

“Flu Season most often peaks between December and March, but activity can occur as late as May” says Dr. Dan Jernigan, Director of the Influenza Division at The Center for Disease Control. For most people, [...]