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National Physical Therapy Month #choosept

#CHOOSEPT  Fight the Opioid Epidemic October is National Physical Therapy Month. Each year the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) chooses a theme. Given the current spotlight on opioid addiction, [...]

Rethinking Leadership Strategies

Call to mind the best leader you can imagine. How does he or she think, act or speak? Close the gap between the leader you are today and the leader you wish to be by rethinking how you view your role. [...]

Soft Skills = Interview Success!

In today’s employment market, recruiters are often presented with 2 or more qualified, metric-driven resumes from which to choose their ideal fit.  In circumstances such as this hiring managers will turn [...]

Metric Use in Effective Resumes

Resumes are a Marketing tool Far too many job seekers assume a resume should list job responsibilities or titles; those tasks associated with your role in a company. This has changed! What is needed are [...]

6 Ways to Engage an Aging Workforce

More Americans are working longer according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study. The percentage of people working past the of 55 has increased over the last decade, a trend projected to continue to 2022. [...]

National Safe + Sound Week August 13-19, 2018

Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event organized by the US Department of Labor. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has already published a YouTube Webinar that explains the Safe + [...]

Pain Scale Reformation

A pain scale is a tool used by healthcare professionals to help assess a patient’s pain. This is a self-reporting question that brings up some interesting issues. The first is one of relativity. One [...]

July is UV Safety Month

Be Sun Smart July is Ultraviolet Safety Month. It is no coincidence that the US Department of Health and Human Services chose to highlight the dangers of sun exposure during this peak summer month. Their [...]