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NCLEX-RN: License to Test Nursing Standards

When it comes to achieving a RN License to legally practice as a Registered Nurse in America, the hurdle that all successful candidates must clear is the comprehensive examination known as the NCLEX-RN [...]

Performance Measurements For Improving Health Care

As the largest and oldest healthcare certification organization in the USA, the Joint Commission provides accreditation and certification services that underpin virtually all state licensing and Centers [...]

Demand Increasing for Interim PACU Nursing Specialists

In hospitals and day clinics across America, Post Anesthesia Care Unit nurses see patients when they may be at their most vulnerable. These patients are typically in recovery from operative procedures or [...]

How Case Management Reform Is Reshaping Healthcare

Managing the complex and often competing pressures of health care delivery in the USA puts a substantial burden on case management practitioners and executives, across the full spectrum of healthcare [...]

Risk and Reward in Health Information Management

The advent of Big Data into the mainstream of society impacts every aspect of daily life. From advertising to grocery sales to industrial design, data analytics drive decisions that affect us all in a wide [...]