Clear Communication Means Everything in Healthcare

It seems safe to say that healthcare executives and practicing medical professionals are well served by maintaining an agnostic view of the politics surrounding the Affordable Care Act and the seemingly endless debates over repeal and replace, or revise and reboot.

Effective patient care and efficient healthcare organizations represent the broad goals of the debate, no matter which side of the political divide one might favor. On the assumption that a political compromise is possible, the ultimate legislative package will contain elements of both partisan platforms in the resolution that comes together in the end.

From Partisan Politics to Practical Healthcare Solutions

The road to achieving that compromise is exemplified in a recent article by Dr. Suneel Dhand, where he reflects on the quintessential primacy of good communication in three core areas of health care practice. From the delivery of successful patient care, to maintaining open and transparent administrative collaboration, to providing clear channels for information to flow among different physicians, departments, and institutions. The key is effective, genuine two-way communication.

Clear Communication is the Key

Partisan politics, in contrast, appears to be the outright enemy of clear communication. It seems to prevent the kind of dialogue that could establish genuine understanding and empathy among different groups of stakeholders and participants.

The solution for such complex problems and intractable disagreements is, as it has always been, to engage in constructive dialogue seeking fresh perspectives that can shed new light on issues and ideas. Just reframing a question to incorporate a different viewpoint can serve as a way into new paths that might lead to possible solutions. Clear, two-way communication is at the heart of the solution we all seek.

Interim Healthcare Professionals Deliver Permanent Value

At NHS Solutions, we salute and support the hospital and other healthcare system administrators and staff who persevere in the delivery of value-based patient care, in the face of constant political uncertainty. We help institutions fulfill temporary executive and administrative assignments with established senior professionals dedicated to delivering value.

The courage and professionalism and spirit of collaboration that underlies all the work they do provides a shining example for our political leaders to follow.

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