Corporate office moves to Tempe, AZ as operational support expands

NHS Solutions, Inc. announced two major changes today as the business continues to expand throughout the US.

1. The main corporate office has relocated from Portland, Oregon to Tempe, Arizona. The new address is 1270 E. Broadway Rd., Ste 224, Tempe, AZ 85282. “The new location allows NHS Solutions to relocate all our employees and their families into one main location while making it more convenient to travel to our clients as we work with new hospitals throughout the United States” states Salvatore Parisi, Vice President of Client Management.

2. This physical move also enables NHS Solutions to expand its core management team by adding two new members of the NHS Solutions corporate team: Nader Yassa, Chief Financial Officer, and Amanda Jager, Operations Manager.

Nader joins the team with over 18 years of CPA and project management experience and will play an integral role in financial planning to support the company’s future growth plans. Amanda has a strong customer service background outside the healthcare industry and with demonstrated management experience will help further support NHS Solutions’ unique all-inclusive model.

“We are looking forward to the synergies our new office will bring by having all the key management located in Arizona.” comments John Jager, President and CEO of NHS Solutions. “The addition of Nader and Amanda brings in strong talent at the right time and in the right areas” continues Jager.

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