Demand Increasing for Interim PACU Nursing Specialists

In hospitals and day clinics across America, Post Anesthesia Care Unit nurses see patients when they may be at their most vulnerable. These patients are typically in recovery from operative procedures or treatment in the ICU, and while under or emerging from anesthesia they can be prone to sudden complications that require quick thinking and fast reactions.

As a result, PACU nurses are essential members of the postoperative team, with responsibility for monitoring and administering to patients for pain, respiratory rate, and other recovery issues, indicators, and conditions.

Advanced levels of nursing experience

All PACU nurses have attained RN standing. Many have advanced degrees as well, which supports the wide range of interdisciplinary competence required in this role. With sufficient accumulation of clinical hours, PACU nurse specialists can gain professional certifications under the Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse (CPAN) designation or the Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesia Nurse (CAPA) certification, or both, as awarded by the American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification, Inc.

Seniority, experience, and clinical autonomy

This level of seniority and experience is conducive to a significant amount of practical autonomy in the performance of PACU duties. Also, perianesthesia nurses can achieve a high degree of earning power through certification and seniority in this specialty.

The wide-ranging skills and experience of PACU specialists give them highly transferrable career attributes, compatible with OR and ICU nursing specialties, among others. With the ongoing increase in projected numbers of ambulatory care clinics and healthcare consumers seeking treatment, the career stability within the perianesthesia field should be reliable and productive for the foreseeable future.

Interim PACU assignments support life-work balance

For advanced nurse specialists with high earning power, interim assignments in hospitals provide the perfect balance of personal and professional growth. There is the professional satisfaction and financial reward of performing a critical role in a highly integrated healthcare team environment. This can alternate with time between assignments for the achievement of personal goals and fulfillment, making personal wellness possible over the long term in an age of chronic nurse stress and burnout.

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