Mobility and Interoperability in Meditech Web EHR System

For patients, health care professionals, and hospital administrators alike, electronic health records (EHR) are one of the primary focal points on the continuum of care. With almost a half-century of development, the history of EHR has shown strengths as well as limitations.

One common criticism is the administrative burden the system places on nurses and physicians, with the need for patient data competing with the need for patient care. Doctor and nurse burnout rates are linked to the diversion of time, attention, and resources to the workload of service to EHR.

Mobile web apps take EHR off-leash

A leading vendor in the EHR market is Meditech (Medical Information Technology, Inc.), which (as of 2016) holds about a 17% share of the EHR market in acute care hospitals. EHR providers Epic and Cerner are in a virtual tie at about 25% each of market share.

Meditech has been much in the news recently because of the launch of its re-engineered and re-designed web-based platform, mobile Web EHR. With the emphasis of the platform shifting to mobility, ease of user interface, and interoperability, Meditech and its clients hope to advance the field to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Making EHR serve the Quadruple Aim

With this recent advent of mobile, web-based EHR, health care providers have the potential to revolutionize the mechanics of record-keeping and access to data. Connections between patient engagement, clinical care, and administrative data can flow in one seamless package, wherever the patient and the caregiver team may be.

This ideal recognizes the value of each component in the EHR equation. It also frames the potential benefits concerning all four pillars of the Quadruple Aim:

  • Better population health results
  • Better experience of care for patients
  • Better value for costs
  • Better professional experience for care providers.

Interim healthcare leaders with Meditech experience

NHS Solutions works with client institutions to provide leadership and management for interim assignments across every phase of the healthcare continuum, including leaders with Meditech experience. From interim nurse leadership jobs to clinical directors and managers, contact us and ask how we can help find your next opportunity, and get started on a better professional experience of your own.

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