NHS Solutions introduces industry leading all-inclusive pricing model

NHS Solutions, Inc. introduces a unique, industry first, all-inclusive interim employment model with 24/7 field operations concierge support and no hidden fees to the healthcare industry. This innovation will enable hospitals to budget the full cost of an interim nurse leader more accurately. NHS Solutions takes on full responsibility for the logistics of housing, transportation and travel so hospitals do not have to use their resources to support interim nurse leaders.

“This will change how the industry supports interim nurse leaders in the future” says John Jager, President and CEO of NHS Solutions. “Other interim firms will start to copy this model because hospitals see the benefit to them and will demand it. Once a hospital understands it, they do not go back” adds Jager.

With a simplified pricing structure, NHS Solutions pays all the direct and indirect costs associated with interim nurse leader and provides the hospital with one invoice for the total cost of the interim. There are no hidden fees, additional quarterly support fees fees or surprise minimum charges to the different departments in the hospital. The single invoice for all costs covered allows the hospital to budget, code and allocate the true cost of the interim expense more accurately.

The all-inclusive pricing model includes the following items:

– W2 employee monthly salary, benefits and payroll taxes including FICA, Medicare, Federal and State unemployment and all other payroll taxes.

– Full field employee benefits package including health insurance, PTO and 401(k).

– Temporary, furnished housing for the duration of the assignment.

– Airfare to and from the interim employee’s permanent place of residence.

– All other transportation costs to and from the employee’s home to the assignment.

– Intermediate size rental car or company fleet car provided for local transportation.

– New employee hospital on-boarding according to the hospital medical screening requirements including 11 Panel drug screen, health screening, background checks, employment verification, personal references, and more.

– Expedited State licensing application process.

– General and professional liability insurance coverage with minimum of $1,000,000.

– Employee worker’s compensation insurance coverage and hospital indemnification.

– Year-end accounting reporting, administration and ongoing logistics support.

In addition to the items listed above, while on assignment the interim leader will be supported by NHS Solutions’ dedicated on-call staff to address everything from payroll tax questions to arranging to let a dog out of the hotel room because the employee has to work late. This allows the interim leader to focus 100% on the hospital assignment and eliminates the hidden cost of having the hospital support these items. There are additional plans to develop and expand this team over the coming years to address the needs for the interim nurse leaders before, during, and after the assignment.

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