Confidentially is critical in our business. Whether you are quietly looking for the next career opportunity or if you need to staff a new position without the public knowing about it, we take your confidential information seriously.

Information Tracking

We operate and store all critical information through an internet-based secure network that uses the latest security software available to ensure any data remains confidential. We collect the personal and demographic information about you based on direct conversations with our team or what you choose to provide to us. We do not post any information (e.g. resume) you provide us on any website, bulletin board or other public location. Your information is strictly for our internal use.

Sharing your Information
We will not share your information with any healthcare facility or candidate without first having your specific agreement to do so. We may discuss the general responsibilities of the position or your general qualifications with potential interested parties, but we will not divulge specific, identifying information until we have discussed this with you first and you agree for us to do so. We do not operate through shared service agreements or by subcontracting searches. Therefore, your information will be viewed and managed by a member of our team only and never by a third party. Finally, we will not sell our database to any third party organization for any reason.

If your want more information about our formal policy statement or have a specific security questions, please contact us and we will respond directly to your concerns.