Soft Skills = Interview Success!

In today’s employment market, recruiters are often presented with 2 or more qualified, metric-driven resumes from which to choose their ideal fit.  In circumstances such as this hiring managers will turn to those intangibles known as Soft Skills (  What attitudes and abilities do you bring to the table in addition to your experience?  Here are 5 Soft Skills recruiters seek in a candidate:

  • Shared Core Values: Every new staff member regardless of seniority or experience must share the core values of a company.  Staff interact as a team daily.  Core values must align in order to maximize successful collaborate efforts.  Research the company and be prepared to articulate this.
  • Attention to Detail: Detail oriented people are naturally high quality producers who need little oversight to meet or exceed expectations right out of the gate.  They own and take great pride in their work.  Be prepared to cite examples.
  • Adaptability: The ability to grow, learn and adapt to rapidly changing environments or situations.  The willingness to be wrong, to learn from your mistakes can also highlight your commitment to personal and organizational growth.  Demonstrate the flexibility to remain teachable.
  • Work Ethic and Tenacity: Having the desire and perseverence to put in the time to get the job done effectively irregardless of any obsticles that may arise.  How do you prioritize tasks quickly and efficiently?
  • Politeness: Simply put, your mother was right!  Be respectful, listen attentively, be nice and mind your manners!


Although unemployment rates are hovering around 4% (CNN Money), candidates cannot assume positions are theirs for the taking.  Top-level candidates know that interviews are no longer one-sided.  They are prepared for the type of give and take recruiters typically use to pinpoint those with Soft Skills, the attitudes and abilities that demonstrate a shared positive energy and a passion for contributing to a core mission that a resume cannot portray.

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