The Courage to Innovate in Health Care Management

Managing change is seldom easy. But it does get easier with practice and repetition. Sometimes, when disruptive management tactics are needed to break with entrenched traditions, a dedicated change manager offers the best solution.

Everything Changes

Recent and ongoing initiatives for major changes in health care include methods for measuring and assessing clinical utility and performance, systems for data management and analysis, electronic record keeping and patient administration, revamped systems of cost accounting and finance, and new standards of public accountability and transparency in patient care outcomes. In short, everything is changing.

According to an earlier survey, most health care executives had confidence that their organizations could evolve to meet the needs of the future. They also acknowledged that the many threads and connections among different areas of operation, and between the past and the present, would require disruptive approaches to achieve desired results.

The survey drew the following conclusion from the views expressed by the majority of respondents:

These leaders may feel confident about their strategic direction, but they know their current models won’t get them where they need to go. Thus they need to become their own disruptors.

Temporary Leaders Make a Lasting Impact

Now, more than ever, senior managers in health care have the ability to lead dramatic change. A dedicated change manager on a temporary assignment can make a lasting impact on the institutional culture and practices behind improving patient care and health care affordability.

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