$1000 Referral Bonus

At NHS Solutions, we believe that great people are the cornerstone of our success. We have a huge network of amazing people that we have worked with over the years, and we can’t say enough how much we value everything that they have done for us.

This is why we want to send a Thank You anyone who can introduce us to a new Interim Job Opportunity.

 $1000 Referral Bonus

We are asking for your help!

We want to highlight our program to help promote referrals for new job openings. NHS Solutions is offering a $1000 referral bonus to individuals who refer a new interim job opportunity to us. The program is subject to terms and conditions* but essentially, if you refer a new job opportunity and it is fulfilled, we will reward you with $1000!

This referral program offers a one-time referral payment for each job opportunity. The best part? There is no cap. If you continue to refer new opportunities, we’ll keep rewarding you!

*The assignment must last for at least 60 days and the referral bonus will be awarded for placement by NHS Solutions anytime within 12 months of receiving the job order. The referral fee is considered earned on the 60th day of the interim assignment and will be paid within 10 business days. Contact us for more information .

NHS Solutions specializes in Interim Healthcare Leadership opportunities. Our dynamic and agile recruiting team is able to quickly fill our client’s healthcare leadership gaps. Our streamlined on-boarding process means we can have someone fully credentialed and on site in as little as 1 week we expedited service is required.

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