About NHS Solutions

Interim hospital management specialist

NHS Solutions is an industry leading, specialty hospital search firm focused on short-term (interim) Manager, Director, VP, and C-level Clinical and Non Clinical management positions. Several companies focus on locum tenens and traveling nurses. Others provide retained or contingent permanent search and/or consulting services as their core business and ‘add on’ interim staffing as an opportunistic afterthought. All we do is interim staffing and we have become best-in-class because of our focus. Our unique employee benefits model attracts some of the most experienced senior managers in the country. With our growing pool of professional and talented W2 employees, NHS Solutions can quickly fill hospitals’ vacant management positions so the hospital can remain focused on providing quality care to their patients.

Why Choose NHS Solutions?

Three Unique Pricing Models Providing Unparalleled Flexibility

NHS Solutions is the only interim staffing company to offer hospitals three different pricing models: 1. An all inclusive pricing model that includes all the direct and indirect costs associated with an interim employee in one fee. There are no additional hidden fees or “soft costs” for the hospital to absorb, simplifying the budget process. 2. A fee plus expenses pricing model with no markup on the expenses. You receive the full support of the all-inclusive model but the expenses are invoiced as incurred with full transparency. 3. A fee only model. The hospital hires the employee and pays the interim expenses directly. NHSS issues a bi-weekly service fee as long as the interim is on assignment with no minimum term commitments.

Proven transitional hospital leaders

NHS Solutions consistently provides experienced leaders who solve some of the most complex management challenges facing hospitals today. Whether it is providing leadership through a Joint Commission review, increasing revenue in the Surgical Services department, reducing cost of the ED, controlling overtime in Med Surg, improving patient satisfaction scores, or assisting in the delicate task of closing a hospital, NHS Solutions management professionals have the demonstrated experience and leadership to achieve results and improve performance.

Interim Healthcare industry leader

NHS Solutions introduced the all-inclusive pricing model with no hidden fees to the healthcare industry in 2010. This innovation enables hospitals to budget the full cost of an interim employee more accurately. We changed how the industry supports interim employees by introducing 24/7 field operations support so hospitals do not need to use their resources to support interim employees. Finally, NHS Solutions intentionally focused exclusively on the growing industry need for hospital senior management. We do not do permanent searches, locum tenens, travel nursing, IT, consulting, etc. As a direct result of this focus, we have over 5,000 active interims in our database with a broad number of specialties. This is arguably one of the largest active, interim databases in the industry. This enables us to help hospitals quickly bridge these critical and difficult to fill management positions.

Meet the Team

  • From day one, NHS has been a top notch organization to work for. We had a short timeline and the team supported me with all the requirements to start my new position quickly. I have had the opportunity to work with Kerry for many years and although we have not met in person, I feel she is a friend and has my best interests in mind. Mark VP of Client Management has checked in both in person and by phone. He is incredibly personable, great with networking, seemed to know half the people at the hospital.

    Leslie M Wolcott, VT
  • As my role of an interim HIM Director for the past 8 years, I have seen much in this profession regarding the travel, work dynamics and overall business perspectives of this industry. Working with NHS Solutions has been an absolute pleasure as I have found them to be the utmost of professionalism and integrity. Their ability to meet the client and interim's needs is to be well noted and appreciated. I would highly recommend NHS Solutions.

    Marge G Kouts, IN
  • I loved working with NHS Solutions. It was one of my most fulfilling positions in my nearly 40-year career. I hope to gain many more assignments with NHS.

    John P Windsor, CT
  • My experience with NHS was fabulous and I truly hope to have the opportunity to work with you, and for you, at some point in the not too distant future. Thanks for all that you have done for me during this past year.

    Anna A. San Marcos, Texas
  • It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope we can do it again... Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with your company and for taking such good care of me.

    Nancy W. Lake Havasu City, Arizona
  • The team is very thorough and detailed. They saved me time and money by bringing us such a qualified candidate to help drive change in our organization.

    Elaine M. Dallas, Texas
  • Dave did great work. I gave him 3 directives: Provide competent experienced leadership for our finance dept. √ Mentor our controller, let her grow. √ Find us some opportunities. √ He really did a great job. Thank you for your help.

    Fred K. Client in Vermont
  • Thanks for all that NHS has done. It was a great relationship and I would recommend you to anyone.

    Robin F.
  • My personal experience with housing on my assignment has been a great experience so far. My needs were met over and beyond including special requests and forethought into my safety, comfort, and quality of living nuances.

    Jeannine B.
  • I really like the operations you've got set up. It makes cumbersome work much easier.

    Viv K Interim Candidate
  • I really can’t say enough positive things about my first experience working with nhss.  The opportunity that nhss matched me with, in a small critical access hospital as interim Director has allowed me to utilize ALL of my experience, leadership skills, and knowledge to help integrate former private practices into the organizational setting.  I always enjoy the opportunity to shift a negative culture to a positive one and this organization needs this kind of help BADLY!  I’m happy to say that I can already feel the shift after only 14 days!  The culture is very intriguing, the area is new to me which I love, and the support from nhss has been amazing.  Had a few hiccups at the beginning due to the organization’s need to be thrifty but after sorting it out and me adjusting a bit, I can honestly say that I am very happy with the match!  I get to chuckle everyday at the old car provided by the organization and the apartment is wonderful. I have no complaints at all and truly appreciate this opportunity!

    Nancy S