This is the list of positions we are currently looking for outside candidates to fill. In addition, we are conducting confidential searches. If you are interested in one or more of the positions, let us talk to you and see if this might be a good fit.

22012824Interim ED DirectorCaliforniaLearn more
22012819Regulatory ConsultantCaliforniaLearn more
22012828Interim Manager ORCaliforniaLearn more
22012826Interim Manager NICUCaliforniaLearn more
22012817Interim Manager Case ManagementCaliforniaLearn more
22012816Interim Manager EDCaliforniaLearn more
22012815Interim ED DirectorNorth EastLearn more
21122813Interim Manager Family Birth/RespiratoryCaliforniaLearn more
21122812Interim Manager Cardiac Cath LabNortheastLearn more
21122809Interim OR ManagerNortheastLearn more
21122807Interim OR ManagerCaliforniaLearn more
21112800Interim Manager Peds/PICUCaliforniaLearn more
21102774Interim Clinical Appeals SupervisorCaliforniaLearn more