This is the list of positions we are currently looking for outside candidates to fill. In addition, we are conducting confidential searches. If you are interested in one or more of the positions, let us talk to you and see if this might be a good fit.

19101533Interim Nurse Practitioner NeonatalCaliforniaLearn more
19101532Interim Manager Case ManagementCaliforniaLearn more
19101531Director Critical CareCaliforniaLearn more
19101529Interim Sr. Accreditation SpecialistCaliforniaLearn more
19101527Interim Director Lab & PathologyNew EnglandLearn more
19101526Interim Manager Peds/PICUCaliforniaLearn more
19091520Interim Director CC & StepdownCaliforniaLearn more
19081512Interim Manager LCSW Social WorkCaliforniaLearn more
19081510Interim DON Long Term CareCaliforniaLearn more
18001234Interim Nurse LeaderVariousLearn more