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NHS Solutions is the only interim staffing company to offer hospitals three different pricing models:

1. Pass-Through Model – A service fee plus expenses pricing model with no markup on the expenses. The expenses are invoiced at cost to provide full transparency. (95% of our clients prefer to utilize this model.)

2. All-Inclusive Model – An all-inclusive pricing model that includes all the direct and indirect costs associated with an interim employee in one fee. There are no additional hidden fees or “soft costs” for the hospital to absorb simplifying the budget process.

3. Fee Only Model – The hospital hires the employee and pays the interim’s salary and expenses directly. NHSS issues a bi-weekly service fee as long as the interim is on assignment with no minimum term commitments.


NHS Solutions consistently provides experienced leaders who solve some of the most complex management challenges facing hospitals today. Whether it is providing leadership through a Joint Commission review, increasing revenue in the Surgical Services department, reducing cost of the ED, controlling overtime in Med Surg, improving patient satisfaction scores, or assisting in the delicate task of closing a hospital, NHS Solutions management professionals have the demonstrated experience and leadership to achieve results and improve performance.


NHS Solutions introduced the all-inclusive pricing model with no hidden fees to the healthcare industry in 2010. This innovation enables hospitals to budget the full cost of an interim employee more accurately. We changed how the industry supports interim employees by introducing 24/7 field operations support so hospitals do not need to use their resources to support interim employees. Finally, NHS Solutions intentionally focused exclusively on the growing industry need for hospital senior management. We do not do permanent searches, locum tenens, travel nursing, IT, consulting, etc. As a direct result of this focus, we have over 5,000 active interims in our database with a broad number of specialties. This is arguably one of the largest active, interim databases in the industry. This enables us to help hospitals quickly bridge these critical and difficult to fill management positions.


Our company has built the business around four key principals that separate us from our competition: focus, flexibility, efficiency and fairness. Other benefits to the hospital include: Reduced risk With W2 employee classification, the hospital reduces the legal exposure and liability associated with interim employee errors and/or misconduct. With no hidden fees and all-inclusive pricing, the hospital reduces the risk of negative budget variances. Finally, filling a vacant or underperforming position with an interim employee from NHS Solutions allows the hospital to increase its focus on improving patient safety and satisfaction. Improved performance Our experienced team of hospital management professionals has an impressive record of improving performance in some of the most difficult environments. Troubled departments can be turned around, patient satisfaction scores can be increased using industry leading best practices, departments can be reorganized, and Joint Commission reviews can be managed with minimal impact. Overall hospital performance is enhanced.

Very simply, we will save you money. Not only are we experts in our field, we have a well-qualified pool of candidates who can fill your vacant position quickly. The sooner your position is filled, the sooner you will realize the efficiencies and performance improvements that come from these strategic positions. You can expect savings of between 3 to 4 times any fee paid in the first year. The payback is immediate.

Recruiting is part science and part art. Our experienced staff provides the art. The science is broken into six key milestones:

  1. Understanding the clients needs
  2. NHSS client search and selection
  3. NHSS initial screening and interviews
  4. Short list phone interview with client
  5. Face to face interview with client
  6. Selection and negotiation with candidate

One invoice with no hidden fees NHS Solutions simplifies the pricing structure by paying all the direct and indirect costs associated with interim employees and providing the hospital with one invoice for the full cost of the employee. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges to your budget from other departments. The single invoice for all costs allows the hospitals to budget this expense more accurately. For example, the risk of hotels rate increases or high priced holiday airfare are not passed onto the hospital and absorbed by NHS Solutions. The all-inclusive model charges the hospital one fixed fee for the following:

  • W2 employee monthly salary, benefits, and payroll taxes including FICA, Medicare, Federal and State unemployment and all other payroll taxes
  • Full field employee benefits package including health insurance, PTO, and 401(k)
  • Temporary, furnished housing for the duration of the assignment
  • Airfare to and from the interim employee’s permanent place of residence
  • All other transportation costs to and from the employee’s home to the assignment
  • Intermediate sized rental car or company fleet car provided for local transportation
  • New employee hospital on-boarding according to the hospital medical screening requirements including: 11 Panel drug screen, health screening, background checks, employment verification, personal references, and more
  • Expedited State licensing application process
  • General and professional liability insurance coverage with minimum of $1,000,000
  • Employee worker’s compensation insurance coverage and hospital indemnification
  • Year-end accounting reporting, administration, and ongoing logistics support

By working with NHS Solutions, you can avoid the unnecessary risk of employee misclassification. IRS Targeting employee misclassification In 2010, the IRS began a project to audit 6,000 companies to correct misclassified workers given the growing trend by companies to improperly use the Independent Contractor (IC) classification. The overall project is expected to generate over $7 billion in unpaid taxes and penalties. In 2011, the IRS announced a Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP) providing damage releif to employees who voluntarily reclassify (1099) employees in an effort to encourage those who have made “honest mistakes.” The IRS recently announced a whistleblower program that pays 15-30% of the taxes to the person reporting potential violators. Enforcement of correct employee classification and penalties for abuse have never been higher. IRS common law test IRS law created Common Law Rules to provide guidelines to help determine if someone should be classified as an employee. The rules are broken into three main categories: behavioral, financial, and type of relationship. Businesses and individuals must evaluate all three categories carefully before determining the classification. Simply having a contract that defines someone as an IC or relying on past practice does not negate the need to review all aspects of the Common Law Rules. Given the number of variables, reviews will not likely yield a conclusive test result. Instead, when making a determination the IRS evaluates the overall relationship and where the weight of the test results fall. The default position is to treat someone as an employee unless it is conclusive that they qualify for the narrow definition of an IC. Misclassification warning signs for hospitals

  1. Hospital controls when, where, and how an IC performs his/her services
  2. IC is compensated based on time versus performance, outcomes, or fixed results
  3. Hospital reimburses the IC for expenses such as travel, housing, and transportation
  4. IC is working with an unknown assignment end date or automatic contract extensions
  5. Hospital requires IC to work for them full-time (exclusively) during the assignment

IC is provided the tools necessary for the assignment, such as an office and/or equipment

For additional resources on this subject, please see the Wall Street Journal article: Payroll Audits Put Small Employers on Edge.

We believe focus produces better results for our clients. There is no reason why we could not expand into other areas, but we choose to stay focused. That makes us more knowledgeable than many of our competitors. As a result, we have a highly confidential database of over 40% of the hospitals in the US with detailed information about the key leaders in each facility. Further, we know if they will relocate and where, what their career ambitions are, and specific skill sets. We know our market and our interims. Our focus makes us experts.

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