Electronic Nurse Licensure Compact is Here

Effective January 19, 2018, there are some changes to the original Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) policy which allows nurses with a multistate license to practice in their home state and other NLC states without having to obtain additional licenses. Keep in mind, a nurse’s home of record must be in a compact state to use the NLC. The NLC will become the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC).

The original Nurse Licensure Compact was comprised of 25 member states. 22 of those are set to transition to the eNLC on January 19. The 3 remaining states have all announced plans to introduce legislature at their next legislature sessions in January. Colorado, New Mexico and Rhode Island. Reports indicate that by 2018 these states will most likely join the eNLC.

Consequences of not enacting eNLC

The three states that have not joined the eNLC will remain a part of the original NLC and a nurse with this license will only be able to practice in those three specific states vs. the original 25 in the NLC. Conversely, nurses in the eNLC will no longer be able to practice in these three states. They must obtain single state licenses in order to maintain practice privileges.

eNLC Membership Requirements

An Applicant for licensure in a state that is part of the eNLC will need to meet 11 uniform licensure requirements. At this time, most NLC states and many non-compact states are moving forward with the process of joining the eNLC which provides dynamic and fluid nursing care across the United States.

5 New States Joined eNLC

Georgia, Florida, Wyoming, West Virginia, and Oklahoma are completely new to the Nurse Licensure Compact. They were not part of the original NLC and so nurses in these states will need to request the enhanced NLC multistate license from their home state board of nursing.

4 New States with Pending eNLC Legislation

Nurses in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan and Vermont should expect changes to occur in 2018 as legislation will hopefully be passed to join the eNLC.

  • Massachusetts – SB 1162 and HB 1188
  • Michigan – HB 4938
  • New Jersey – SB 103 and AB 3917
  • Vermont –  SB 232

NHS Solutions supports the eNLC and the flexibility it provides for our interim healthcare leaders. This new multi-state agreement enables us to provide even faster placement service to fulfill our hospital clients’ interim needs. Contact us today and find out more about how the eNLC opens more opportunities for your next career move.

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