How Healthy Is Your Hospital Foundation Board?

An important part of the work done in hospitals has more to do with the financial and technical health of the buildings and equipment than with patient health. But the two functions are, of course, intricately connected.

A recent article from Trustee magazine (published by the American Hospital Association) gives a detailed account of the changing role of charitable giving in the financial and cultural foundations of healthcare organizations and communities.

The fact is that we still tend to associate doctors, nurse leaders, and clinical staff with one function — patient health, but not the other — financial health. This reflects the degree to which the paradigm still has to go to make the shift outlined by the author of the article.

Finding Further Value In Foundation Board Functions

In the efforts to “maximize the financial potential of philanthropy, organizations must re-examine and reconsider the leadership responsibilities of their foundation board of directors.” This puts the onus on hospital executives to nurture and propagate an organization-wide sense of mission and a clarity of purpose for developing greater efficiency in the operations and results of the foundation.

Integrating Development With Organizational Strategy

Evidence-based analysis indicates that foundation operations need strategic funding at levels appropriate to the goals and expectations that are put in place. In addition to the natural community leadership influence generally associated with membership on the foundation board, emphasis should be placed on:

  • strengthening external relationships and charitable partnerships
  • cultivating deeper engagement in foundation work among doctors and nurses
  • connecting patients and families with strategic fundraising initiatives.

Innovative Interim Health Care Leaders

Innovative Interim Health Care Leaders

NHS Solutions works alongside our health care organization partners to enhance and adapt to the requirements of value-based care. Experienced, dedicated, and responsive leadership of these organizations is achieving the twin aims of financial sustainability and excellence in patient care that hospitals are aiming for in these transformative days.

Interim executive and senior health care staff appointments are an important part of the mix for many hospitals, for many different reasons. Our talent pool is wide and deep, in both clinical and non-clinical roles, from managers to CEO’s. Let us demonstrate a winning solution for your next interim organizational needs.

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