Interim California Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLS) in High Demand

Clinical Laboratory Scientists with California CLS License

Over the past 5 years, NHS Solutions has seen a continual need for Interim Clinical Laboratory Scientists. NHS Solutions places Interim Healthcare Leaders nationwide however, we are currently experiencing an acute shortage of Interim California Clinical Laboratory Scientist CLS-licensed professionals. We decided to explore the process and requirements for obtaining this licensure in an effort to source these highly qualified individuals. We discovered that the short answer is that this is not a quick licensure by endorsement process. Rather, California CLS generalist licenses take at least a year to obtain and permit the holder to work in all specialty areas of the clinical laboratory.

Academic Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with specific course requirements:
    • 16 semester or equivalent quarter units of chemistry, which must include clinical chemistry OR analytical and biochemistry.
    • 18 semester or equivalent quarter units of biology, which must include hematology, immunology, and medical microbiology.
    • 3 semester or equivalent quarter units of physics (light and electricity).

Training or Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum one year of post-baccalaureate clinical training as a CLS.
    Minimum one year of work experience as a CLS performing high complexity testing in hematology, chemistry, blood bank, and microbiology.
  • Training or work experience must be comprehensive to cover all areas of the clinical laboratory.
  • Training or work experience must be in a clinical laboratory.
  • Official verification of training or work experience must be on letterhead and signed by the training coordinator or laboratory director.
  • If you lack applicable training or work experience you may want to consider applying for a CLS trainee license.
  • Approved CLS Training Programs list can be downloaded HERE.
  • Passing the written certification examination is required.
  • Applicants will also have to complete the online California quiz on state laboratory laws and regulations.


The Importance of Interim Laboratory Leadership

Delivering quality care and financial results for hospitals is almost impossible when an organization is understaffed, has critical unfilled leadership vacancies, or a temporary leadership gap. This is when NHS Solutions’ interim healthcare leaders come into play. The role of these professionals allows healthcare recruiters to focus on the hiring process.

Frequently, the process of interviewing and selecting permanent candidates can take several months. Plus, the time to develop an in-house candidate in advance before a position is vacant might not be sufficient. Interim leaders can take over management tasks quickly while healthcare recruiters focus on the search for candidates. In this way, there is time to make the best choice for a permanent leader. Interim leaders can also function as mentors to individuals who are part of a succession plan. Interim leaders bring additional value by onboarding the promoted or hired person.

NHS Solutions is a specialty hospital search firm focused on short-term (interim) manager, director, and C-level clinical and allied positions to fill vacancies nationwide.

Bridging the Gap

The Benefits of being an Interim Healthcare Leader

Imagine having the opportunity to share your experience and passion while making valuable changes and contributions to a hospital. In addition, you have the bonus of living in different locations and working with a variety of organizations.

  • Flexibility: Interim leaders can select contracts that interest them the most. They can accept or decline assignments without compromising future opportunities, with time off between engagements as needed.
  • Travel opportunities: Interim leaders can apply for positions in a variety of regions across the country, live in places they have always wanted to visit, and soak in the local culture.
  • Competitive compensation: Interim leaders are highly experienced and are compensated accordingly based on their ability to deliver results. Total compensation packages typically include salary, medical, dental, vision, 401(k), accrued paid time off, housing, local transportation along with airfare or other transportation for regular trips home.
  • Rewarding career: Many interim leaders enjoy the reward of accomplishing the agreed upon deliverables and results of positive change. These challenges enable them to expand their skills, make new business connections and forge new friendships.

If you are a professional California licensed laboratory leader with demonstrated accomplishments in your specific field, there may be opportunity for you to join the interim world. Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about interim healthcare leadership opportunities. We offer a comprehensive benefits package, housing, transportation, and an awesome opportunity to travel. 

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