NHS Solutions Doubles its Referral Bonus to $1000

We meet the best people through the people that we know and trust. We have a huge network of people that we have worked with over the years, and we can’t say enough how much we value everything that they have done for us. 

This is why we are asking for your help!

Great recommendations are worth a lot to us, but we can’t get them without hearing from you. We have decided to double our referral bonus. Anyone that recommends a successfully placed candidate will be awarded a one-time referral bonus of $1000. The program is subject to terms and conditions*, but essentially if you refer someone great to us, we will reward you with $1000!

We have always appreciated the help that our clients and candidates have given us and this is just a small way to say thank you! 

We need more reliable and experienced candidates, and we know that the best people to turn to are the ones who have already demonstrated how great they can be. If you know anyone who may make a successful candidate, we request that you contact us and let us know how we can work together!

Seeking Interim Healthcare Specialists

We are always seeking new candidates for work assignments. If you know of anyone who may qualify and would be interested in one or more positions, let’s talk! Contact us or call Renee Lindberg directly at 480 565 5992 for details.

Thank you for helping us grow our network!


*The assignment must last for at least 60 days and the referral bonus will be awarded for placement anytime within 24 months of receiving the candidate information. The referral fee is considered earned on the 60th day of the interim assignment and will be paid within 10 business days.

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