NHS Solutions, Inc. continues to grow all inclusive model despite decline in the economy

NHS Solutions, Inc. reported strong year to date growth through Q3 2010 of over 180%. Despite starting a new business 18 months ago in middle of one of the worst economic downturns in recent history, a few companies continue to defy the odds and record solid quarter on quarter growth. NHS Solutions, Inc. is one of them. The company attributes its success to its focus on doing a few things very well.

The company started when it identified a niche in the emerging CDI market that appeared to be under-served by large recruiting organizations. With an initial team of experienced recruiters sharing the same vision, the company was formed. Success was not immediate but the investment and commitment to the CDI industry paid off. Growth in this segment is now over 75% YTD. NHS Solutions, Inc. has became recognized in the industry as one of the top CDI staffing companies with some high profile, strategic placements.

Shortly after starting, the company identified another under-served opportunity in senior management interim staffing. “Large, established interim solution providers tried to serve too many markets, lacked contractor loyalty and were too rigid in the business model,” says Salvatore Parisi, Vice President of Sales for NHS Solutions, Inc. “At the same time, smaller recruiters lacked the financial resources to fully engage in the cash intensive interim business,” continues Parisi. As a result, the company developed a unique, full service product offering that specifically addressed the needs of both the contractor and the hospital. The response continues to exceed expectations and accounts for over 60% of our total revenue.

“There are many opportunities we see in the market that we could pursue, but we continue to keep focused on a few things and do them well,” say John Jager, President and CEO. The company wants to maintain its reputation as a specialty healthcare staffing firm externally recognized by both the contractors and hospitals as an excellent company to work with.

In addition, being relatively new in the market works to the advantage of NHS Solutions, Inc. “The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges and hospitals need to look at solving old problems from a new perspective. Our unique, all inclusive interim contract solution is an example of a new product we developed specifically to address todays needs,” continues Parisi.

Investment in the company continues to fuel this growth and staffing resources have more than doubled since the company started. The business growth quarter by quarter confirms that the focus is working.

For more information about NHS Solutions, Inc., please contact us at [email protected].

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