Risk and Reward in Health Information Management

The advent of Big Data into the mainstream of society impacts every aspect of daily life. From advertising to grocery sales to industrial design, data analytics drive decisions that affect us all in a wide variety of ways.

The resulting tension between access to useful personal information and protection of individual privacy is a constant factor in our electronic networked world. The programming benefits of statistically validated evidence and data are balanced against the risks of accidental or exploitative misuse of personal information contained within the data.

This fact is true for health care as much as anywhere in society. Major implications for our individual and collective well-being depend on the future of health information management (HIM) priorities and policies.

Data-driven and evidence-based policy and practice

Increasingly, we are seeing public and private health data have a direct impact on personal and HMO decisions and choices. This kind of behavioral change represents the visible 10% of the overall influence of medical and patient data on health care management and medical practice in general.

Innovations in clinical practice and patient care

Hospitals and clinics have made huge strides, and a great many more small but significant steps, in the advancement of medical and surgical diagnostics and treatments. These research and practice advancements have been both partner and beneficiary of supporting advances in data modeling and analytics.

Health care informatics and administrative systems

Complex data and information technology systems are required to meet health information exchange needs. Patient information must be kept secure, but accessible. It must be protected but responsive to the needs of a variety of users. HIM professionals provide this structure, while ensuring compliance regarding protected health information.

This role can extend to include disaster preparedness and disease surveillance and prevention. Such public health programs aim to protect society as a whole, and have recently been essential in helping to save and rebuild lives in Texas and along the Gulf coast.

Interim senior leaders in health information management

The field of health information management and related HIM specialties are in demand. NHS Solutions specializes in bringing progressive leaders together with progressive organizations, dedicated to making a difference in health care.

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