Solutions expands operations to support continued growth

NHS Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a new position to better support our clients and employees in the field. The new Field Operations Manager will be responsible for the front line support and day to day requirements of our interim leaders in the field. In turn, this will also support our Clients by enabling our interim leaders to remain focused on meeting the needs of clients and not be distracted by operational and/or logistical issues.

After a successful four years, a strong start to 2013 and a good response to our first showing at the AONE conference in March, NHS Solutions’ continued growth requires that we expand our operational infrastructure. In addition to the new Field Operations Manager position, over the next six months NHS Solutions will be adding new office space, accounting support and additional senior management to support the continued growth.

“It is no longer possible to support the growing business needs with the existing infrastructure” states John Jager, President and CEO of NHS Solutions. “It is time to invest further in operations to support our future growth.”

For more information, please contact us.

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