Benefits of Meditation for a Healthy Heart

Heart health problems still rank among the greatest risks for mortality and illness in the U.S.A. and around the world. So it makes sense to determine the most heart-healthy lifestyle choices that people can make to reduce their risks for heart disease. Recently, this led to an examination of available research on the potential benefits of meditation as a way to reduce the incidence of heart disease.

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Meditation shows heart health promise  

There have been findings over the years that show connections between meditation and improved cardiovascular health. A research report in the Harvard Health Letter points to evidence that “people who practice meditation are significantly less likely to have a heart attack or stroke or die within five years.”

Positive findings for overall wellness

Some findings show how brain activity changes in response to regular practice of meditation. Other studies indicate that reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure are common results of meditation as well.

Evidence from the most recent research review indicates that meditation also helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, while it increases sleep quality, smoking cessation rates, and overall well-being. With such positive results like these available from a practice that is freely and easily adopted, it seems that cardiac health care leaders and practitioners may embrace this prescription for promoting healthy-heart lifestyle behaviors.

Meditation helps improve cardiac care

The essential proviso included in all the current and previous research literature is that more studies with better sample sizes and control mechanisms are needed before any definitive conclusions may be drawn. Meditation still should be considered only as an adjunct intervention alongside more well-established and evidence-based cardiovascular medicine and heart health treatment programs.

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