How Interim Hiring Can Optimize Surgical Services

Operative patient care improvements are best led by surgical services leaders that can optimize any surgical staff. This is essential to make sure that patients are given the best possible care and that hospitals are run smoothly regarding treatment capabilities, skill, care, and cost.

However, successfully creating order and maintaining productivity can be tricky with ineffective healthcare leadership. Under the unfortunate circumstance of losing a surgical services manager due to termination, resignation, or unforeseen circumstance, many hospitals worry about their leadership. This doesn’t need to be the case because a medical leadership staffing network can alleviate these fears by finding the right interim manager for the hospital. These uncertain phases are a great opportunity for positive change.

While filling hospital leadership jobs may seem like a problematic hurdle, it needn’t be. Interim healthcare leaders are highly qualified with the obvious required skills, but also in hospital unit management. Their experience is usually varied across many different types of medical facilities and situations. They are flexible and adaptable experts who can make changes within an existing surgical staff or create a better one.

However, choosing a surgical services manager is a huge undertaking, which has ripple effects both medically and financially. When looking to hire an interim surgical services manager, it’s imperative to know, with certainty, whether the unit needs to implement major changes or if the plan is to keep the operating culture as it is.

It’s crucial that the surgical services leader knows what shortcomings exist within the OR. On the other hand, the prospective interim manager would also need to know if the OR functions positively. In this case, the interim manager would need to be on board to keep the previous structure of operations rather than implement changes that disrupt.

Understanding this differentiating factor and being able to communicate it clearly to the incoming manager ensures a smoother transition across all areas. The ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality of patient care. This must never be compromised. Hospitals don’t have to face this challenge alone. At NHS Solutions, we understand that optimization begins with excellent interim medical staffing and we have the resources needed to bring qualified leaders to your facility.

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