We Are Interim Healthcare Leadership Specialists

At NHS Solutions we are a hospital search firm that specializes in offering highly-qualified hospital staff for short-term (interim) Manager, Director, VP, and C-level for hospital positions. Our focus is 100% on interim executive healthcare leadership roles with some of the most qualified and experienced staff in the industry who are ready to fill hospital management positions when needed.

3 Different Pricing Models for Your Hospital Jobs

We are proud to be the only interim staffing company to offer hospitals three different pricing models to best fit their needs and objectives. Here are the three pricing models that we offer:

All Inclusive Pricing Model: This model includes in one fee all of the costs associated with an interim employee. This model does not have any hidden fee, so the hospital can rest assured they are paying exactly what they were offered.  

Fee Plus Expenses Pricing Model: With this pricing model, you will receive the full support that we offer in the all-inclusive model, but instead of one single fee your hospital will be invoiced as the expenses incurred.

Fee-Only Pricing Model: For this model, the hospital will take charge of paying the interim directly, and we will issue a bi-weekly service fee for the time being the interim is on duty.

Interim Hospital Job Services
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Interim Hospital Specialist at Your Reach

Since 2009 we have been fulfilling hospital interim jobs with the highest standards of quality for many hospitals around the country. We are proud to be the very first company to offer an all-inclusive pricing model to hospitals.

We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our interim hospital job services and how we can help you with highly qualified, experienced and hardworking staff, or contact us today and let one of our client managers answer all of your questions and concerns.

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