Massachusetts added to RN License Reimbursement Program

NHS Solutions is experiencing an increasing demand for Interim Nurse Leaders in the state of Massachusetts. We are pleased to announce that we have added MA to our popular License Reimbursement Program for Interim Nurse Leader candidates. NHSS Select provides reimbursement for obtaining a new NHSS Select RN License by Endorsement and its subsequent one year RN License Renewal for approved states defined by the Company.

Qualified candidates will receive a partial reimbursement of 50% of the fees upon applying for and receiving their RN License by Endorsement.  The remainder of the fee will be reimbursed if placed on an interim assignment by NHSS within 24 months of receiving the initial partial payment. Reimbursement is made for the renewal of the NHSS Select RN license for qualified candidates for a one-time occurrence.

Priority consideration for subsequent job orders

NHSS Select recipients are tracked in the Company’s applicant tracking system for prioritized consideration for subsequent job orders.

Speak with one of our recruiters to see if you qualify. 

Let us help you

The team at NHS Solutions is experienced with RN licensure across the United States. We are an excellent resource if you are thinking about working in a different state. We can take the mystery and stress out of the licensing process.

If you are an Interim Nurse Leader looking for a senior management opportunity to make a difference where it matters most, talk with us at NHS Solutions. 

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