World Blood Donor Day is June 14, 2018

Blood is a Global Concern

World Blood Donor Day was established in 2004 to raise awareness of the continual need for safe blood and to say thank you to all the blood donors around the world for this life-saving gift. All member states of the World Health Organization observe this event. The American Red Cross website makes it easy to find a blood drive near you.

Man With the Golden Arm

James Harrison, an 81 year old retired railway administrator is arguably the most faithful and dedicated blood donor in history. He has given blood twice per month for 60 years. It all began when he became a blood recipient at the age of 14. He needed surgery it was then that hematologists discovered that his blood contains the rare antibody Anti-D, that has now saved an estimated 2 million babies from a potentially fatal disease. He made his last donation of Anti-D rich blood in May of this year due to concerns for his own health.

Give Blood, Give Now, Give Often

Blood inventory management is vital in the smooth-running of any hospital. According to the Red Cross, an increase in complex therapies such as chemotherapy, organ transplants and heart surgeries, which require large amounts of blood, have significantly increased demand.  Blood shortage and wastage levels can affect multiple departments in a hospital, limit services they can offer and ultimately impact patient outcomes.

On occasion donating blood will directly help the donor.  The son of an NHS Solutions employee gave blood earlier this year and learned that his ferritin level was only 16.  Since he is a teenager, that is not something normally tested.  Fortunately, it was easily remedied and he is back donating his O – blood.

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