1708001 Director of Client Management Southeast Learn more
1708002 Director of Client Management Midwest Learn more
17081032 Interim Manager Blood Lab California Learn more
17081028 Interim Sr. Accreditation Specialist California Learn more
17071025 Interim Director Critical Care California Learn more
17071023 Interim Director of Geri-Psych New England Learn more
17071022 Interim AVP – Professional Receivables Management New England Learn more
17071019 Interim Senior Financial Analyst New England Learn more
17061013 Interim Manager of Radiology New England Learn more
17061010 Interim Manager ACU/PACU California Learn more

This is the list of positions we are currently looking for outside candidates to fill. In addition, we are usually conducting confidential searches. If you are interested in one or more of the positions, let us talk to you and see if this might be a good fit.